Concerning the huge amount of plant material it need to produce the, as rick simpson suggests, 60g cannabis-oil for the 3 months treatment, I suggest that you research the internet where you can buy it. Luckily there are people who sell it because out of goodwill / charity for almost cost price and not to make enormous profit. Thanks to all those persons!

Cannabis clinic in the netherlands

ATTENTION: Originally I linked here to the “Stichting Mediwet Cannabis Kliniek”, but I kept more and more feedback that they do NOT sell the original Rick Simpson Oil so I deleted the post.

A few facts about the production costs of 60g cannabis-oil

It starts with the alcohol-solvent having a huge tax-rate (the 99% alcohol is taxed differently than “normal” alcohol. The local weed costs are known and can be googled…
For 60g cannabis-oil you will need about 500g of the “raw material”. And the possession of 500g is no trivial offence. Comparing that a distillery or a rice cooker, filter etc. is the cheapest on the list…

Seeds for homegrown you can get here (EU-wide, they ship anonym):

Banner Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

So: If you do not have the financials, time or place (production should be done outside, danger of explosion!), research the internet where you can buy cannabis-oil. As an approximate price you can calculate with ca. 70-90,-€ per gramm, if you find someone who sells it to almost production price. Of course the prices can be slightly different but if you get high-class oil in this price range you know that you found somebody who didn’t screw you.

But be careful: meanwhile also the SPAM army got wind of this source of capital and are trying to sell fake cannabis-oil without effect.

More infos: admin[at]


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