Materials & accessories for the production of cannabis-oil

A list of all necessary items and recommended accessories you’ll need to make cannabis oil

  • First you need the plants, if you do not have any connections you can order seeds here (worldwide delivery and discrete packaging):

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  • 99% alcohol (z.B. Isopropanol), as more high proof the alcohol is the more will be the cannabinoid content of the oil
  • pedestal fan, if you’re short of space and cannot work outside (I still recommend to ONLY work outside!)
  • cooking thermometer, to make sure that at NO POINT you heat up more than 140°C / 284°F, if so you will vaporize the cannabinoids!
  • coffee warmer, to slowly vaporize the remaining alcohol / water
  • syringe, the scientific ones (NOT THE ONES WITH NEEDLES!!) for a better dosage of the oil


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