Interesting facts about medical cannabis

Cannabis-oil is THE strongest, most potent of all cannabis medicaments. If you have been diagnosed with cancer you should definitely switch your therapy to cannabis-oil. If you are suffering from other, non-lethal sicknesses there are also other ways to consume marihuana as a medicine.

Just to get the facts straight: Cannabinoids have in every form (thick, liquid, high or low dosed…) the same effect (look up “effects of cannabinoids”). But they do not just fight cancer cells, they also have positive effects on all human body systems (immune system, digestive system, reproduction system, cardiovascular system…). With cannabis-oil being the strongest form of cannabinoids, it is up to you if you want to take the oil if you have “not soo dangerous / non-lethal sicknesses”. It definitely would not hurt you (more the opposite) but you can also therapy yourself with other forms of medical cannabis.
One of the most popular method of application ist o consume it with a vaporizer. With this the medical marihuana is vaporized and you inhale it, BUT there are no harmful substances as if you would smoke it.

In some countries it is legal to get „cannabis sprays” prescribed as “Sativex” (in Germany it will only prescribed to you if you suffer from MS..).

Reading tip (if you can read german): “Hanf heilt” (Wernard Bruining, 2013)

The netherland Wernard Bruining (born. 1950) is very active when it comes to medical cannabis. In 1973 he opened the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam and is chairman of the “Stichting Mediwiet”, a cannabis clinic in the Netherlands. His whole life is about cannabis and is definitely an expert in this matter. 2013 he wrote this book:

Hanf heilt: Die Wiederentdeckung einer uralten Volksmedizin

Of course this book cannot be taken as „scientific evidence“ because Bruning is neither doctor nor professor. But his biographie shows a certain expertise in this matter. In this book he explains very convincing the healing power of cannabis, especially of cannabis-oil and shows numerous examples of different sicknesses being successfully treated with it. He also shows detailed description how to make cannabis-oil for example with a distillery. Absolutely recommended to read!
If you have any book recommendations in English please tell me: admin[at]


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