How cannabinoids destroy cancer

The human body continuously produces cancer cells, which, normally, are being destroyed by our immune system. From time to time it happens that our immune system cannot “control” a cancer cell anymore which leads to growth and eventually it will become a tumor.

In every cell is a family of sphingolipids, which control the decision about life or death of a cell. Those lipids also control the production of ceramid, a metabolite, which induces cell death once its concentration is high enough. A small amount of ceramid means a cell is strong and effective. The purpose of ceramid is to destroy damaged or dying cells.

Once a cancer cell grows, the production of cannabinoid-receptors on this cell rises simultaneously. So if the immune system gets to know about this, the endocannabinoid-system (a part of the immune system) reacts with boosting the production of ceramid. Ceramid attacks the mitochondria (supplies a cell with energy) of this cancer cell and destroys it. A cell cannot live without mitochondria, so the cancer cell will eventually die.

So what happens if our immune system is damaged (stress, sickness etc.)?
It cannot control the continuous fight of cancer cell with the ceramid production anymore because it is distracted. So the cancer cells can grow and grow…
NOW you can counteract this lack of ceramid production with supplying your body with cannabinoids (THC & CBD). The cannabinoids will dock to the cannabinoid-receptors of the cancer cell and “tell” the body that this cell is damaged which will lead to a huge production of ceramid. The DNA of a cancer cell is damaged and disturbed by nature. So once the ceramid gets to know about this “malfunction” it will find its way to the cancer cell and destroy its mitochondria.

Here is an infosheet (PDF link) about the anti-tumor effect of cannabis from the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines .

About myself: I am neither a chemist nor a doctor, all I try to do here is to translate scientific researches the best I can so that people as you and me can understand what’s going on. If you have any kind of correction please let me know, I would be glad to correct my text if there are any content mistakes: admin[at]

Visualized anti-tumor effect of cannabinoids

The anti-tumor effect of cannabinoids is bio-chemist proven: Cannabinoid-receptors are the MOST spread receptors in the human body and brain. One could say the human body is genetically designed to accept cannabinoids, it is all natural.

Here is a research about cannabinoids and their receptors with really nice visualization:


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