Doctors & scientists about medical cannabis oil

There are dozens of research facilities, associations, congresses and scientific studies about the positive healing effect of cannabis as a medicine. Here is a small selection of the (in my opinion) most interesting interviews with doctors & scientists.

Interview with Dr. Christina Sanchez (2014)

Dr. Christina Sanchez works since more than a decade in research for medical marihuana at the University of Madrid. This interview also visualizes quiet good how the cannabinoids react with our receptors and how cancer cells are attacked and destroyed. Dr. Sanchez explains how cancer cells can also be destroyed with chemo therapy. The sad thing about chemo therapy is that it not only destroys cancer cells, but affects ALL body cells. This is what she says about the effect of cannabinoids on cancer cells:

Cells can die in different ways and, after cannabinoid treatment, they were dying in the ‘clean’ way. They were committing suicide, which is something you really want.

With a cannabis oil treatment the cannabinoids force the specific cancer cells to „commit suicide“. No other body cells will be effected. Also she brings the criminalization tot he point:

I cannot understand why, in the States, cannabis is under Schedule I, because it is pretty obvious, not only from our work but from work from many other researchers that the plant has a very wide therapeutic potential.


Interview with Dr. Paul Hornby (2012)

Dr. Paul Hornby (Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Master of Science in Biochemisty, Doctor of human pathology) explains why it is indispensable for medical marihuana to heat it up before consuming (ideal temperature & time for decarboxylation of the cannabinoids) to achieve the best possible healing efffects.

Interview with Dr. Robert Melamede Ph.D. (2006)

In this video (german undertitles) Dr. Robert Melamede (Professor of Biology at the University of Houston) explains the effect of cannabinoids on cancer cells. He describes how the cannabinoids with locking-out the bio-molecule VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) block the blood supply for cancer cells, with the effect of stop and reduce growth. He also describes further positive effects of cannabis-oil, that for example the so high glorified omega-3 and omega-6 acids build up a cannabis-like connection which allows the body to produce endocannabinoids. With the use of cannabis-oil you take a shortcut and the body has immediate access on those cannabinoids and transforms them into endocannabinoids. The bottom line is that one doesn’t need no artificial substances to achieve what you can also achieve with the natural substance. By the way endocannabinoids regulate every body system:
Immune system, digestive system, reproduction system, cardiovascular system….



Interview with Dr. William Courtney (2013)

Dr. William Courtney (Bachelor in Microbiology and PhD and more titles…) talks about a cancer patient. Because of the use of cannabis-oil, a bigger brain tumor of an infant disappeared completely during the 8-months therapy. Very interesting are the x-ray slides shown at min. 01:15. On the website of Dr. Courtey you also find a nice infographic on the effects of non-psychotropic cannabinoids (as CBD).



Interviews with serveral scientists and doctors about the healing effect of cannabinoids

The following persons were interviewed:

Medical cannabis in Israel

A CNBC show about the use of medical marihuana in Israel. 20 years ago, the Israeli scientist and professor Raphael Mechoulam discovered that cancer patients (kids) with emotional and physical pain could be positive medicated with a cannabis-oil treatment. Meanwhile the medical use of cannabis is exempt from punishment for patients in Israel and the treatment is also promoted in national hospitals and retirement homes.

Raphael Mechoulam brings the senseless criminalization of cannabis with one sentence to the point: “Cannabis is not toxic, period!”

Video on

Documentation about medical cannabis and its effects on human health

Another impressive documentation where physics, scientists and doctors have proven the positive effects of medical marihuana on human health.

The interviewed persons:

Dr. David Bearman

  • former director of “Haight Ashbury Drug Treatment Program”
  • Founder of “Isla Vista Medical Clinic”
  • Member of governeur Reagans internal department “Task Force on Drug Abuse”

Dr. Donald Tashkin

  • pensioned Professor of medicin at UCLA
  • medical director at UCLA Pulmonary Function Laboratory

Dr. Donald Abrams

  • Director of “Integrative Oncology Research Program Integrative Medicine Physician”
  • Professor for clinical medicin at UCSF and assistant medical director for oncology at San Francisco General Hospital

Dr. Robert Sterner

  • Assistant medical director at UCSD
  • Degree in Harvard & UCLA
  • Certified in orientale and traditional chinese medicin


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