Cannabis-oil / hemp-oil against cancer – marihuana as a medicin

Luckily nowadays cannabis isn’t demonized anymore, but achieves more and more attention in academic medicine and science. Sadly scientific researches are still not taken as seriously as they should, it is still criminalized and not named a medicine as it should be. This website is supposed to call attention to the medical possibilities of cannabis-oil, especially concerning cancer treatment. It shows the chemical effect of cannabinoids on cancer calls, how to make it, the dosage, and reports of former cancer patients who successfully fought cancer with cannabis-oil.

cannabis is a lot of times the better alternative to prescription medicine
Cannabis can be the better alternative to prescription medicine in serveral illnesses / diseases

To get a VERY good insight in the topic of medical marihuana, I recommend the following documentation. It’s about 60 minutes long but you will get the basic understanding about the healing effects of cannabinoids:

My 2 cents: Why this website?

A cancer diagnosis in my family circle is the background of this website. Sadly we got to know about the cannabis-oil treatment much, much too late. After finally getting hold of the oil until the death of the person it were just 4 weeks (cannabis-oil treatment is designed for at least 90 days…). Also before we started the oil, the person had 2x treatments of the (in Germany) strongest chemo therapy’s. That means the immune system was almost destroyed. To make things worse doctors pescribed a wrong medication (we found out about after death). So in my personal case the oil sadly couldn’t heal the cancer, but still it EXTREMELY helped with all the nasty side effects of chemo therapy (chronic pain, sleepless, no appetite….). From my own experience I want to disadvise EVERYONE to NOT go through chemo therapy. It only makes things worse. Aside from cannabis there are also other ways to fight cancer as macrobiotic food for example. I just want to show patients (legitimate) hope when nobody else gives them. Doctors are very far from being gods in white….
open your mind.

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