What is cannabis-oil?

Cannabis-oil are the extracted cannabinoids of dried cannabis buds. Its healing effect is due to the extreme high content of cannabinoids THC & CBD. How exactly cannabinoids destroy cancer cells I tried to explain here (look up “how cannabinoids destroy cancer cells”). It is not possible to reach such high needed dosages from smoking cannabis but it is as a concentrate and the best way to get concentrate is to make the oil. Additionally you take only very high potent cannabis varieties. And also you want to take Indica strains, they have a more calming effect (Sativa strains are the opposite!). The medical goal is to calm the human body and support its self-regeneration. How you choose a good medical cannabis strain is very good described in this article from sensiseeds: How to choose a medical cannabis strain?.
But for heaven’s sake please do not mistake cannabis-oil for the legal available Hemp Oil, synthetic produced CBD or THC spray (Sativex) and not the in Netherland available hash-oil (this is strictly to get high)!

The difference is in the THC/CBD composition: Hash-oil has +/- 80%THC.
Good medical cannabis-oil has a 1 : 3 mix THC : CBD (more about the exact definition of CBD on Wikipedia…).


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