Rick Simpson – Inventor of the RSO (RSO – Rick Simpson Oil)

Because of its special manufacturing technique (look up „how to make cannabis-oil”) RSO is extremely concentrated and therefore good for medical use. Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer himself a couple years ago. He then started to treat himself with his homemade cannabis-oil and the melanoma successfully decreased. About one year later the skin cancer returned and again he treated himself with the oil, and AGAIN the cancer disappeared. Through word to mouth more and more people with cancer diagnoses asked him for help and without taking a compensation he made the cannabis-oil and helped.
Sounds too good to be true? Watch this video:


Meanwhile he is travelling all around the world holding speeches trying to bring attention to his story and the healing power of cannabis. Here is one speech captured on video:

The healing effect of cannabis is in my opinion one of the biggest “discoveries” in human history. And the best thing about it: It’s free! It’s nature! Everybody can grow this plant and make this oil. For so many sicknesses there is no more need for the pharmaceutical industry and their artificial medicine. Only thing that still stand in it’s way is the criminalization….

Another very interesting radio interview with Rick Simpson (quite long though about 2 hours)


Rick Simpson also wrote a couple of books, they are available as ebooks at amazon:

Nature’s Answer For Cancer

Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story

He also runs an own website about this topic Cannabis-oil and the fight against cancer .

Online you will find numerous videos about cannabis-oil, but sadly there are also some black sheeps amongs them just like videos where people make cannabis-oil with the butan-methode. I wouldn’t recommend that!

So if you are still not convinced of the cannabis-oil treatment, I suggest you watch this movie “Run From The Cure” about Rick Simpson:

The movie is already a couple of years old but they are working on part II, here is the trailer:


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