How to make cannabis-oil – a step-by-step tutorial

If you want to produce THC-oil by yourself, you don’t need no scientific laboratory, but still it need s little “basic equipment“(here you find a list of the needed items ). Mostly important: work clean and accurate! It‘ all about YOUR health! Use only the best materials, for example use high-proof 99% alcohol instead of the cheaper 95%, more potent varieties (even if they are more expensive) etc. The desired result, that cannabis-oil heals cancer, depends on the final good you are using…

Raw material (Gras, Marihuana, Cannabis, Hemp etc.)

Provide yourself with the appropriate plant material, for the suggested 60g cannabis-oil treatment you will need about 500g dried buds. If you’re planning on growing by yourself be aware that you have to invest some time until harvest. Mostly when patients have cancer and discover cannabis-oil they sadly do not have time…
Here a reading tip about growing cannabis (Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible).

Watch the quality! For this medical use you should provide yourself with the highest THC content you can get (final oil should be about 25%THC / 75% CBD). Choose an Indica-variety, they have a more calming effect, Sativa varieties are the opposite.

Alcohol as solvent to extract cannabinoids

I recommend „food-alcohol“ (I don’t know the correct english term…), do NOT use artificial alcohol! Choose the highest percentage you can get (99% alcohol), you can buy that at a pharmacy. With the final product the alcohol will be fully degraded, there will be NO rest of alcohol in the oil.

For 500g you will need approximately 5-10 Liter of alcohol solvent and get an outcome of about 60g Cannabis-oil. With 30g and 2 Liter you will get about 3-4g Cannabis-oil.

ATTENTION: Do NOT use butan! There are serveral videos online how to make cannabis-oil with butan gas method. But the result is not the same, first it’s not even closely as effective and second its much much more dangerous to produce. Only positive advantage is that you are faster…
There were already a couple of headlines in the news where people blew up their homes trying the butan method… s. Link von Spiegel Online “Cannabis in den USA – Wenn die Drogen-Labore explodieren.

First mix – Cannabis & solvent

Depending on the quantity of your dried material you take a bucket, a bowl whatever. Here you put your dried buds (if you have stems & seeds its also good, don’t take them out) and add your solvent until the material is half covered in alcohol. The goal is to separate the THC off of the plants. Stir everything and crush the plant material. Continue for about 5 Minutes. After that you add more solvent until the material is fully covered, continue to stir/crush for another 5 minutes.
ATTENTION: The whole process of production should be outside because the alcohol is extremely flammable!

First pour off of the solvent

Now seperate the liquid alcohol/cannabis-mix off the plant material by pouring into a different container. You keep the plant material in the first container.

Second mix – Cannabis & solvent

Again you cover the plant material completely with the alcohol solvent, stir and crush for 5 minutes.

Second pour off of the solvent

Act as you did in the first pour off, but you take the same container as before (the one which already has the alcohol/cannabis liquid) to pour it in. The remaining plant material is for the garbage.

Filter the cannabis remains

Take a new container (like an appropriate sized, empty waterbottle), put a standard coffee filter at the opening of the bottle and pour the alcohol-cannabis-mix from before into the bottle. With this you filter every remaining plant material.

First boiling off the solvent

Most suitable for this is a rice cooker, because they have a build in “maximum heating blocker”, so the rice doesn’t burn. Watch out that at NO POINT the temperature exceeds 140°C (284°F), otherwise the cannabinoids will vaporize!!! Goal is to boil off the alcohol, so only thing remaining is pure oil.
Fill the rice cooker about ¾ with the alcohol-cannabis-mix and put it on the highest heating level. While the alcohol vaporizes and the level sinks, keep filling up with the alcohol-cannabis-mix.

Again ATTENTION: Please ONLY do this outside because of the vaporized alcohol there is an extreme danger of explosion when it gets in contact with like a burning cigarette.

Second boiling off the solvent


If there are about 5cm high of the alcohol-cannabis-mix left in the rice cooker, you add a few (ONLY a few) drops of water to boil off the remaining solvent. After the solvent is boiled off, the rice cooker should automatically switch to the lowed heating level. Swing the rice cooker a little bit to vaporize the remaining solvent. If you see now a couple of bubbles popping up, that’s normal, that’s the water.

Boiling off the water

Now you pour the oil in a stainless-steel pot and put it on a hob, switch it on the lowest heating level. Should have same temperature as like a coffee warmer. Once the oils stops to produce bubbles it is ready. Now you can cool it off. Duration how long the last process lasts depends on the plant material. Can be 15 minutes up to a couple hours.

Bottling the oil

As long as the oil is still warm, it is also liquid and can be drawn up with a syringe and then nicely dosed. When its thick it should look like this:

cannabis-oil on a knife
cannabis-oil on a knife

Now you can fill it for example in hard-gelantine-capsules, fill up the empty space with coconut oil (coconut oil is also a known anti-cancer medicin). The method is perfect to dosage.

cannabis-oil in gelantine capsules
cannabis-oil in gelantine capsules


Videos of making cannabis-oil

In this video they produce cannabis-oil with the help of a distillery. Video quality is pretty bad and the background music sucks ass but the whole production process is excellent pictured.


Here another reproductible video how to make your own cannabis-oil. (OK she does everything in here kitchen but STILL I wouldn’t recommend that! Do it outside… Considering that she didn’t make huge amounts I gues it’s okay in this case:



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