Effect of cannabis-oil on your mind and body

The cannabis-oil effect depends on your choosen marihuana variety. If cannabis is taken as a medicine (and that is what this site is all about!), you want to prefere Indica strains. They have the advantage that a much more “stoned” and calming effect hits your brain, you will get sleepy & tired. Sativa strains gives you a high which can make you think a lot, giggle, be more “active” in your brain. And people who are fighting death usually do NOT want to think about the situation they are in totally drifted thoughts…

Getting sleepy is good! When your body is resting it is most productive, your immune system can totally concentrate on fighting the cancer cells. And that it basically all cannabinoids do, they strongly support your immune system. The “sleepy effect” will also help chemo-therapy patients who suffer from sleeplessness, restlessness and loss of appetite. Overall medical cannabis can help to support in many many ways once you are sick (any sickness). If you suffer from sleeplessness or loss of appetite you also can choose to consume cannabis in different ways like smoking or eating.


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