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Having the right dosage depends on quite a few factors. You can “train” your body to consume the cannabis-oil during daytime (after a few weeks the “high” effect is not noticeable anymore and you can continue your daily routine), You can take it at night when you go to bed (and sleep through the “high” etc.
How much oil you should take per day depends on the cancer diagnosis you got. The earlier you start taking high dosages (remember: you CANNOT overdose on cannabis!), as a much more effect it will have and your chances of surviving the cancer will grow. Cannabis-oil can either cure your cancer, or in cases when the cancer is already spread too far, it can ease the pain in your remaining time on earth.

ATTENTION: The following are always bench marks, the dosage and method of usage depends on the kind and stage of cancer. To eliminate the cancer, a therapy can also last 4-12 months.

Cannabis-oil dosage by Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson says that it takes an average patient about 90 days to go through the recommended 60g cannabis-oil-therapy (Link to Rick Simpson). He recommends 3x applications per day with the oil volume of about ½ rice grain. Double the dosage every 4 days. After 5 weeks one should be able to take 1g cannabis-oil per day, stick with this until the cancer shrunk / healed / disappeared.

Cannabis-oil dosage by Dennis Hill

Dennis Hill for example took 1 drop of cannabis-oil (about 1g) oral during his therapy. He took this before going to bed, so the “high” was reduced overnight. With time the body got used to the THC level and there were no more “high” effects. But this is different from patient to patient.

Personal dosage recommendation

To effectively fight the cancer I recommend a slight modification of the Rick Simpson dosage: 3x 10mg oil per day (in the morning, at lunch, in the evening), where you double the dosage every week until you reach 1g cannabis-oil per day (1g all together on one day). Now you stick with this until you finished the 60g treatment. For this treatment try hard-gelantine-capsules to swallow they are perfect. Fill the empty space with coconut oil.

cannabis-oil in gelantine capsules
cannabis-oil in gelantine capsules


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