Interviews with former cancer patients who have been treated with cannabis-oil

Here is a list of former cancer patients who successfully fought their cancer with cannabis-oil. I want to keep continuing this list so if you have survived cancer or know someone please get in contact with me (admin[at]]. I would be glad to post your story here (anonym if you like) to bring more attention to other people about this therapy.


Successfully fought lung cancer (stage IV) – 2014

This woman published the video in october 2014, she shows x-ray slides and hospital reports about the COMPLETE decrease of here lung cancer stage IV. Very impressive and hope given! (my 2 cents: she could have skipped all the prayers to god but if she believes he helped her…)

She took the cannabis-oil in suppositories because this method does not give you any kinf of “high” and you can immediately take a higher dosage (look up the suppository method).


Dennis Hill (prostate cancer stage IV)

Dennis Hill, a studied bio chemist, worked serveral years in cancer research and is (next to Rick Simpson) maybe the most known cancer patient who treated himself successfully with cannabis-oil. He survived his prostate cancer stage IV. The first video (yes it is already a little bit old and one need getting used to the presenter;)) but it gets VERY interesting at min: 16:00 when he explains the chemical reaction of cannabinoids on cancer cells:



Lincoln Horsley (pancreatic cancer stage IV)

Lincoln Horsley successfully fought his pancreatic cancer stage IV with cannabis-oil. He also has a very informative website



Tommy Chong (prostate cancer)

Tommy Chong (lifestyle marihuana user, known from Cheech & Chong) was diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated himself with cannabis-oil. Meanwhile he is cancer-free:



Marihuana in retirement home (Kibbutz, Israel)

(Video is in German)
This video (Weltspiegel, ARD 2013) shows a retirement home in Kibbutz (Israel), which almost exclusively treats its patients with medical marihuana. Amazing are the interviews with the patients who are so excited about the positive effects of their cannabis therapy. Medical cannabis is here treated by inflammations (CBD has an inhibiting inflammation effect) and chronic sicknesses of any kind: arthritis, Parkinson, HIV, multiple sclerosis, psychic trauma, cancer ….

The benefits of medical cannabis are that is has NO side effects at all. It helps the body to regenerate itself without having also to fight the strong side effects of common pharmaceutics.
Israel applied marihuana as a medicine more than 20 years ago. It’s production is controlled so that they could breed varieties with very high THC & CBD content.

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    To my grandfather, cannabis oil was very helpful in treating prostate cancer.

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